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Orientation Forms & Info

Orientation Information For Already Enrolled Students
SCHOOL STARTS - August 23, 2017

 Orientation Dates/Times

SCHOOL PHONE:  714 532-8020

ATTENDANCE / ABSENCE: 714 628-5511

The Webstore is no longer available to purchase items

*Only donations are accepted through the Webstore*


Please follow directions below 

  • The required forms must be filled out online electronically from the following Parent Portal link, then print and turn in on your Orientation day. We will not be able to process your student without the required forms.
  • Please see additional forms below that may be applicable to your student.

items for purchase during orientation


**If writing a check, please include any items purchased from this page on one check or you may present cash or credit card.


All students will be provided with an ID Card and must be carried at all times.  No school discounts given to school events with an ID Card.


  • ASB Card with School Planner_______$60

Upgrade from ID Card to ASB Card which gives discounts on the yearbook, school dances, parking and athletic events throughout the year.  Your ASB card must be carried at all times.


  •      ID Card with School Planner _______________$0


  •      ASB Card/Yearbook _________$200


  •      Yearbook__________________ $140 with ASB Card OR  $150 with ID Card

If the yearbook and ASB Card are purchased separately online, the discount is not given, purchase as package for discount.


  • ASB/Yearbook/Parking ______________$255


  •      ASB/Parking ______________$115


  •      Dance Class T-shirt ____$11

Uniform is required by all dance classes expect for Advanced Dance.  Dance T-shirts are available for purchase or you may purchase at a store of your choice.  Shirts must be plain black with no logos and no tank tops.  School purchased shirts can be picked up in Dance class when school begins.  A PE lock will be provided.  *Non Villa Park locks are not allowed.  Replacement locks are $15


  •      Locker _________________________$15

Street lockers are optional and available if you would like to purchase one. This is the street locker for student’s books and personal items.  This locker will remain the student’s until he or she graduates or withdraws from school. This is a first come first serve basis.  *Non-issued Villa Park High School locks are not allowed and will be removed. Replacement locks are $15.


  •      Parking Permit (11th & 12th grades only) ______$55 with ASB Card OR $65 with ID Card Parking applications are available in the Principal’s Office. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN


  •      PE Clothes ________________$22   

PE uniforms are available for purchase for students who are enrolled in a PE class.  You may also purchase a PE uniform at a store of your choice and must be a plain grey or light blue t-shirt & black shorts with no logos and no tank tops.  If purchased through school, PE Clothes can be picked up once school has begun. Students will be issued a PE locker. Replacement locks if needed are $15. *Non-issued Villa Park locks are not allowed.

Not needed if student is involved in an athletic sport, band or dance class


  •      PE Shirt____________________________$11


  •      PE Shorts__________________________$11





Online Class Information

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Handout for Online Students
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