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Discipline » Discipline and School Safety

Discipline and School Safety


Drew Wetzler
Dave Whyte
George Trapp


Demerits are earned from referrals, tardy sweeps and other discipline infractions.
To clear demerits, students must serve detention.

1 detention served clears 1 demerit

1 Saturday Detention served clears 8 demerits

Students with more than 2 demerits at any time will be excluded from participating
in school activities including, but not limited to, sports, dances, and productions. 


Tuesday - Thursday

Lunch 12:12 - 12:42 - Room 216B

After School 3:00 - 4:00 - Room 201


Bring School ID (Late arrivials will NOT BE ADMITTED)



Saturday Detention Schedule
8:00 – 12:00 p.m.      
Bring School ID (Late arrivals will NOT be admitted)


Students are expected to be on time and to remain until dismissed. All students are expected to have sufficient learning activities, not communicate with each other and are not allowed to use laptops, iPods, cell phones or any other electronic devises. School IDs are required. Check with the counseling office to confirm date and time. Reminder notices will be sent to students before the date they are to serve. Failure to attend a Saturday Detention without prior notification will result in the Saturday Detention being rescheduled to the next available date and/or other possible consequences. Dates and locations are subject to change.

Student and Community Services

Parent/Student Handbook (English) (below)
Parent/Student Handbook (Spanish) (below)

Other information that can be found on the website include: 
Earthquake Plans, Bullying, Child Abuse Reporting, Homeless Education,
Suspension and Expulsion Information