Healthcare Plans

Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP): The Individualized Healthcare Plan is a document written by the school nurse that contains confidential health information, special medical procedures, and/or treatments regarding a student’s specific healthcare needs during the school day. Parent authorization and signatures are required at the beginning of every school year.

Examples of Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHPs) include:

  • Severe Allergies (Anaphylaxis requiring an epinephrine injector)
  • Seizures (Bring Seizure Action Plan to Health Office)
  • Diabetes (Bring updated Endocrine orders to the Health Office)
  • Severe Asthma (Asthma Action Plan requiring frequent use of maintenance and rescue inhalers)
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Severe Headaches/Migraines
  • Additional IHPs available, as needed.


Attached IHP forms:

Asthma Update  (E/S)

Seizure Update (E/S)

Individualized Health Plan (IHP) Update