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Summer School 2020

Summer School Dates are June 17th-July 23rd

If you are credit deficient, your counselor will be enrolling you in summer school to make up graduation requirements. 

Summer School will be ALL virtual this year, through APEX. Students will complete one course at a time. 

Students will be dropped from the class for the following reasons:

  • If they do not log in daily
  • If you do not log in within the first week

If you do not have a device, please contact the district office to sign up for one.

Please email your counselor or Dr. Osman, summer school administrator, if you have any questions regarding summer school enrollment.

Mr. Kammerlohr  (A-De)

Mr. Bulrice (Df-Ja)

Mr. Pham (Je-Ne)

Mrs. Campbell (Ng-Sam)

Mrs. Valentin (San-Z)‚Äč

Summer School Application

Note: Summer School Applications are FYI. A physical application does not need to be turned in at this time.

*If you are interested in summer school, or would like to work on grade improvement, please fill out this interest form.

Summer School Interest Form