Summer Health Class

APEX Overview


Each instructor will have a Google Classroom and a Remind account to post reminders and communicate with students. Summer School will be ALL virtual this year, through APEX. 

Parent opt-out form can be found here:

Please complete and email this to Dr. Osman @ if you wish to enroll in the modified health curriculum ASAP.

Students will be dropped from the class for the following reasons:

  • If you do not log in daily
  • If you do not log in within the first 3 days

Students have 3 weeks to complete online health. You will either be assigned Session 1 (Alpha A-L) Health or Session 2 Health (Alpha M-Z):

Session 1 (Alpha A-L): June 17-July 6

Session 2 (Alpha M-Z): July 7- July 23

Attendance will be taken once a week on Fridays at a live session on Google Meets with your Instructor. Failure to attend this weekly session may result in a summer school drop.
*Seats are limited during summer school, with a long waiting list. Please be sure to demonstrate daily progress to remain in the course.

If you do not have a device, please contact the district office to sign up for one.

If you would like to be removed from Summer School health, and take it online during the school year, please email Dr. Osman, summer school administrator, at to express your interest in summer school during the school year instead. 

Health Instructors:

Mrs. Michelle Stewart- Health

Remind App: @stew2020 Google Classroom: bysus2j

Mr. Tom Gordon- Health

Remind App Code: @g9e8eb3 Google Classroom Code: byqbcin

Mr. Alan Hobbs- Health

Remind App Code: @fd2928 Google Classroom Code: 5cnss7b