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A Smile A Day*

A Smile A Day hopes to give back to children in need by fundraising and collecting items like clothes, toys, or books in order to donate them to different children’s organizations.





American Chemical Society*

ACS aims to highlight the connection between science and the real world by inviting guest speakers to talk about how their specific line of work involves science. 





Anime Club*

Anime Club hopes to bring students who have the shared interest of anime to gather and talk about Japanese culture through it.

(Mr.) Corbett 




Asian Advocacy in Academia

Asian Advocacy in Academia is a journalism and research based club that is dedicated to spreading awareness about current Asian-related topics & celebrating Asian identity and culture.





Best Buddies*

Best Buddies is a friendship club devoted to creating one-to-one friendships with IDD students that will last a lifetime!




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Black Students Union*

BSU is a club established for African American students to have a safe social place to have discussions about the black community and things that affect it, as well as empowering all students of all identities while learning about black culture. 





Book Club*

Book Club provides a positive and enjoyable environment for book-lovers to bond over written works, share ideas and interpretations of said works, and discover new reading materials and resources.





California Scholarship Federation*

CSF strives to recognize and encourage academic achievements and community service among students.





Cards 4 Kindness*

Cards4Kindness is a club that focuses on sending out cards to essential workers, seniors, patients, and many others in our local community!





Cheers To Charity*

Cheers to Charity gives students the opportunity to give to charity and help others in need.





Chef’s Club*

Chef Club wants to bring everyone together by doing what they love: baking and cooking!





Clockwork Oranges Robotics - FRC 4322*

Hoping to inspire the next generation of innovators and engineers to learn about STEAM as our team competes with other high school students in the FIRST Robotics Competition.





Club Sandwich*

Club Sandwich provides the homeless with nutritious meals.





Common Sense*

Common Sense hopes to create intelligent conversations within the student body.





Computer Science Club*

Computer Science Club aims to introduce people to the realm of computer science and to hopefully copete in Hackathons. 





Domestic Violence Awareness Club*

DVAC is a safe place for people who need emotional support for troubles at home. We help raise awareness about the sad reality and commonality of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233.





French Club*

A club where one can experience the cultural immersion of France through food and celebration. Events such as movie nights, game days, and the french wedding will take place to appreciate the French culture.





Future Scientists Club*

Future Scientists Club aims to help students with science related activities and spread our love for science.





Girls’ League*

Girls’ League wants to make a positive impact on the women within the community.





Interact Club*

Interact provides service and leadership opportunities for the students at school, like helping the community as well as offering volunteering projects.





Jesus Club*

Jesus Club hopes to reach out to people and help people learn more about Jesus.





Key Club*

Key Club is a community service based club which connects with schools in our area and all over the nation. Get to know people from other schools through social events, like movie nights, spirit rallies, and a new Pen Pal System. 



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LGBT+ Club*

LGBT+ promotes acceptances, safe spaces, and education for the LGBT+ community and allies at our school.





Math Club*

Math Club provides students with similar interests in math the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills outside of the classroom by participating in math competitions. 





Million Little*

Million Little hopes to give opportunities for students to learn about the lives and the creative aspects of people in juvenile detention centers. 





National Alliance on Mental Illness*

NAMI wants to emphasize the importance of mental health, encourage people to recognize the early signs of mental illnesses, provide information on community & school resources, & create a safe space for students.





National Art Honor Society*

NAHS promotes the arts, academic scholarships, and participation in community service.




National Honor Society*

National Honor Society serves to better our community through acts of service and bring leadership, a sense of responsibility, and better citizenship to our members.



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Natural Disaster Relief*

Natural Disaster Relief helps those who have been affected by natural disasters and spread awareness of the damage that can occur due to these natural disasters.





Photo Club


Photo Club hopes to explore and experience photography through discussions and photo excursions outside of school hours.





Pitbull Awareness Club*

Pitbull lovers showing the world that they are not violent like their reputation makes them out to be. From shelter tours, dog toy drives, special dog events, and more, you are sure to have a PAWSOME good time in this club! 





Pop Music Club*

Pop Music Club aims to share each other’s music tastes through collaborative playlists and engaging meetings. 





Project Green* 

Project Green hopes to teach students about conserving the environment and sustainable living.





Red Cross*

Villa Park’s Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies to exemplify humanitarian values and the principles of the American Red Cross.





Ribbons of Hope*

Ribbons of Hope is a club that raises awareness about all cancers and donates to those diagnosed to help them feel better in any way possible. 





Science and Engineering Fair Club*

VPSEF has three main purposes: to assist and guide students through a proper science fair project, to aid the science department for VPHS’ annual science fair competition, and to help realize the value of completing a science fair project.





Science Olympiad*

A competitive science team that competes against other high schools in a wide range of varying events in STEAM. It allows students to learn new STEAM skills all while competing and collaborating with other students. 





Sober Steering*

Sober Steering promotes safe driving and hopes to spread awareness about drunk driving.





Spanish Club*

Spanish Club hopes to have students from various backgrounds join and learn about Spanish culture.





Speech & Debate*

Speech & Debate connects, supports, and inspires a diverse community full of empowered students through competitive speech and debate.




Spikeball Club*

A club for everyone to come together and get active through the popular game Spikeball.





Students for Life*

Students for Life promotes respecting human life from conception until natural death; they aim to become more educated on life issues and to partner with other organizations to help women who may not otherwise choose life.




Vietnamese Student Association*

VSA’s goal is to spread knowledge about Vietnamese culture as well as give the Vietnamese students at VPHS a place to interact with their culture.





VPHS E-Sports

A community for all that enjoy gaming. Whether it be casual or competitive. This club is a pathway to our competitive teams.





Worldwide Disease Awareness Club*

The goal of WDA is to spread awareness about different diseases and host fundraisers to donate towards them. We also want to eventually volunteer. 





Yoga Club*

Yoga Club hopes to introduce different types of yoga to everyone.