Attendance Office

To report an absence for your student, please call (714) 532-8020, select your Language Preference, then choose OPTION 1 for ATTENDANCE.  If you know ahead of time that your student will need to leave campus, it is BEST to bring a note in the morning to the Attendance window.


Please Call at least 90 minutes prior to your son/daughter's release time and leave a voice message.


You will need to physically visit the ATTENDANCE WINDOW to sign your child out of school.

  • If you left a message to have your student released during school hours, we can't promise your student will be released at the time requested.
  • If the student returns to school the same day after being released, he/she must check in at the Attendance office before returning to class.
  • If your student TEXTS or CALLS YOU stating that they are FEELING SICK, please direct your child to REPORT TO THE HEALTH OFFICE.  The Health Office Clerk or School Nurse will communicate with families from there.

Health Office

The Health Office assists a student with health issues, including illness, injury, medications, and medical conditions.

Health Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Location: next to the Counseling office.

Health Office Webpage

School  Phone Number:


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