Villa Park High School's mission is to provide a learning environment where students are challenged to reach their individual potential in the acquisition of knowledge and development of personal, cultural, and democratic values essential for future success. At the end of the day we want our Spartans to be prepared for what is next and have a worthwhile experience while they are here.



Our School Counselors

 Mark Kammerlohr  714-628-4495 A - DE
 Jeremy Bulrice 714-628-5484 DF - JA
 Jason Pham 714-628-5486 JE- NE 
 Shasta Campbell 714-628-5487 NG - SAM
 Doreen Valentin 714-628-5488 SAN - Z


Counseling Secretaries

 Dolores Sannebeck - Counseling Secretary   714-628-5692 
 Kathy Shelton - Dr. Osman's Secretary   714-628-5694 
 Krista Chavez - Ms. Lucas' Secretary   714-628-5695 
 Kristine Sanchez - Counseling Secretary   714-628-5696 
 Sharon Reves - Mr. Fox's Secretary  714-628-5697 
 Heidi Ruiz - Registrar  714-628-5693 
Counseling Office Fax 714-628-4303