VPHS Counseling Office will be available to answer enrollment inquires beginning

August 3rd

714-532-8020 x5692


To identify your School of Residence, before you enroll, use the OUSD School Locator



           LOCALIZADOR DE ESCUELA             


Open Enrollment is for students who would like to attend a school other than their home school, assigned based upon their area of residence. You may find your "home" school by looking up your address at SchoolLocator at http://apps.schoolsitelocator.com/?districtcode=57964.


Please fill out the open enrollment application below

Open Enrollment Form 2020-2021


Parents/guardians requesting inter-district transfer of students into the Orange Unified School District must first obtain a release from their district of residence.  The release should be emailed to the school the parent/guardian wishes the student to attend. Email transfer to sharonre@orangeusd.org


Parents/guardians requesting inter-district transfer of students to a school outside the District must first obtain a release from the Orange Unified School District.  The release should be taken to the receiving school or district, which will be responsible for notifying the parent guardian of the status of their request.

Inter-district attendance permits for students may be approved for the following reasons:

  1. To meet a child's special mental or physical health needs as certified by a physician, school psychologist or other appropriate school personnel.
  2. When a student has a sibling(s) attending school in the receiving District, to avoid splitting the family's attendance.
  3. To allow a student to complete a school year when his/her parents/guardians have moved out of the District during that year.
  4. To allow students to remain with a class graduating that year from an elementary, junior or senior high school.
  5. To let seniors attend the same school they attended as juniors, even if their families moved out of the district during the junior year.
  6. To allow juniors who attended their sophomore year on an inter-district transfer to continue through their senior year.
  7. When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that, the family will be moving to the district in the immediate future and would like the student to start the year in the District.
  8. When recommended by the School Attendance Review Board or by county child welfare, probation or social service agency staff in documented cases of serious home or community problems which make it inadvisable for the student to attend the school of residence.
  9. When there is valid interest in a particular educational program not offered in the District of residence. 

  10. To provide change in a specific school environment for reasons of personal and social adjustment. (Requires documentation and does not apply to students going from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school.) Special requests should be accompanied by a written explanation and will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis.

Please provide your reason for your Inter-District Transfer request by writing a letter or completing one of the forms listed below.

Every inter-district attendance permit shall stipulate the terms and conditions under which the permit may be revoked.  Initial requests for inter-district attendance agreements may be denied if the school's facilities are overcrowded at the relevant grade level and based on other considerations that are not arbitrary. 

The parents/guardians of a student who is denied inter-district attendance may appeal to the County Board of Education.  

Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal inter-district attendance denials or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending, or during the term of the expulsion.