Spartan Wellspace


Wellspace Staff

Ms. Frankie (She/Her)

Interventions Counselor

Mrs. Pearson

School Psychologist

Mrs. Willis (She/Her)

Wellspace Staff Clerk

Ms. Nelson (She/Her)

Counseling Intern


Mrs. G (She/Her)

Counseling Intern


Purpose/Vision of the Spartan Wellspace

The Spartan Wellspace is a physical room on campus where all Spartans can come to access mental health services while at school. In the Welllspace, students will be able to talk with a counselor, practice mindfulness, or take time for self-care. Furthermore, the Wellspace will allow for students to have their Social-Emotional needs met while also connecting them to resources so that their mental health is not a barrier to their access to their education. The purpose of the Wellspace is to give students autonomy and encourage them to access mental health services.